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Lucie Gledhill, Rachel Jones, Laura Ngyou, Romilly Saumarez Smith, Carola Solcia, Anna Wales


Six makers who have each worked for Romilly at different times over the last 12 years will be showing their jewellery from Monday 5 December to Wednesday 7 December in East London house. Please message me if you would like to know the location details. 


Alongside exhibiting some of our favourite pieces, we have each designed 4 limited edition pieces, which are also available online. 

Here my exclusive designs:

Jewellery is often intrinsically linked with important moments in our lives.  It becomes an object, symbolic of a moment in time. Serving to remind us of the promise, the celebration, the gesture, the experience that lead to the jewellery being ours. Jewellery becomes a vessel for memory.  Over time our memories distort and fracture - we might remember a laugh or a scent whilst other details are lost.

My designs explore the at once nebulous and lucid nature of memory - creating jewellery evocative of the past.

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