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About Carola and her brand


is a design and research creative studio that explores the relationship between jewellery, the body and our perception of life. Through the creation of graphic jewellery pieces, she considers and challenges traditional jewellery tropes, compositions and materials.  By re-examining classical jewellery forms– such as a faceted stone, a chain, a pearl– she playfully challenges our perception and creates evocative jewellery that feels like an impression of a classic or once treasured jewel.



is an Italian jewellery designer and maker who gained a First class degree in Jewellery Design from the prestigious Central St Martins in London. Studying at CSM especially fostered her capacity of exploring creative ways of interpreting jewellery through diverse materials and techniques without losing her stylistic voice. She has since been working for rewarded British jewellery brands where she refined both her production and managerial skills.

As she continues to refine and produce work using her stylistic voice, the theme that runs steadily throughout her practice is the interpretation of jewellery. Seen clearly in her collections of engraved mother of pearl and carved stones and metal, she explores ways to re-communicate jewellery back out to us, reimagined.


Each piece of jewellery is handmade by Carola in her London studio. Carola believes that jewellery should be made to last through people life's experiences.

Due to the nature of craft techniques, each piece is unique and is never exactly the same and, once worn, becomes unique to the wearer.

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