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Carola loves creating unique pieces. She is inspired by people's words and ideas to create unique pieces that last a lifetime.

Contact us if you would like to personalise one of the pieces of Carola's collection. You can add a personal engraving or personalise the gemstones, or if you wish you can also realise your own individual idea with Carola's signature aesthetic.

But there is more...

Carola's atelier can also rework some old gems or jewellery lying at the bottom of your jewellery box, giving them a second chance to shine in your days.

The studio also offers a production of engagement and wedding rings, to give even more uniqueness to these special moments.


Please send an e-mail to info@carolasolcia to book a meeting and discuss your ideas.



Ring sizes refer to the inner diameter of the ring. 

Each country uses different ways of translating finger size into letters or numbers. If you already know your ring size in a non-UK unit of measurement, you can use the table below to find the UK equivalent.

If you do not know your ring size, you can have your finger measured by your local jeweller. But don't worry, if that is not possible, we have created this printable table for you.

ring size chart conversion.png

Measurement conversion



Determine your size


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