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Carola is aware of the environmental impact of every new product she brings into the world. For this reason, she tries to limit any production excess and she gives a longer life-cycle to every product she crafts. Carola manages every stage of production with a responsible approach, from design to packaging and delivery. As such, and due to the nature of handmade products, most of Carola Solcia's jewellery is made-to-order.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by Carola in her London studio and for some specific designs and techniques she collaborates with suppliers based in London's historic Hatton Garden jewellery district.




Carola sources for most of her pieces 100% certified recycled metals and she aims to work exclusively with certified recycled metals.

Carola's studio offers also the possibility to recycle used jewellery, as the nature of metal jewellery is that it can be melted down and transformed countless times.

Each piece that requires a legal hallmark bears Carola Solcia Jewellery's individual mark, which is a mark stamped on gold, silver or platinum items by British testing offices, certifying their standard of purity.


Gemstones often have emotional and historical significance and Carola loves to use them in her designs. She relies on her trusted suppliers in Hatton Garden, London for her gemstone sourcing; however, due to the nature of gemstone sourcing, it is not always possible to have a certificate of traceability and origin.


As for garments, such as embroideries, Carola works mainly with second-hand items or occasionally with ethically sourced fabrics.


Carola believes that packaging should enhance the experience of receiving a new piece of jewellery and make it pleasant to open. All the cards that you will find inside the boxes were designed by London-based artist Molly Kayll, who created wonderful unique paintings inspired by Carola's jewellery. 


All pieces come in a cardboard that keeps the jewellery safe and can be home recycled. The boxes are designed by a British company that uses materials made from recycled post-consumer waste. All materials come from FSC-approved supplies.

The FSC forest management certification guarantees that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring economic sustainability.


All cards and stationery are printed on recycled paper.

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