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Memory of delicate necklace

Memory of delicate necklace


Delicate 18ct gold chain alternated by pearl beads and small silver impression of oval and round gemstones which are highlighted by 18ct yellow gold plating. The necklace is perfect to be customised with more little pendants or stones of your choice. 


    18ct gold chain, starling silver partly gold plated, pearl beads


    45cm long


    The Memory of delicate necklace is handmade in London and made to order to avoid excess production. For this reason, it can take up to 4 weeks to be crafted. If you have any particular requests or would like this item to be customised please email


    The jewellery in the impression collection is reminiscent of a fossilised jumbled jewellery box whose memory has been captured in silver and gold. The collection is part of a collaborative project with a perfume creator and a creative writer. Exploring the subject of fragmented memories, the collaboration found its physical space in an exhibition during Milan design week in April 2023. Each piece of jewellery is associated with a short story and a scent that all together create new narratives.

    The studs earrings are associated with this scent and story: 



    zanzare sui lobi 

    volevano soltanto destarmi dal torpore; 

    che godessi dell’estate. 


    Mosquitos on my earlobes,

    they only wanted to rouse me from my languor; 

    that I could enjoy the summer.

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