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Lobster clasp

Lobster clasp


Handmade hammered chain design with two different types of links, as if different fragment chains are coming together to crate a new piece and recollect memories of necklaces which are no longer wearable. The clasp features mother of pearl with laser engraved an iconic lobster clasp.


    Sterling silver, mother of pearl


    The Lobster Clasp Chain Necklace is hand made in London and made to order to avoid excess production. For this reason, it can take up to 4 weeks to be crafted. If you have any particular requests or would like this item to be customised, please email


    The pearl collection is characterised by the use of mother of pearl, which becomes the canvas for representing the essence of jewellery and their archetypal forms —such as a diamond cut gem or a chain necklace—, or to capture the moment of their breaking or becoming unwearable.My aim is to make a comment on the personal relationship each person establishes with jewellery and to create a conversation about how preciousness can be held not in the materiality of the object but rather in the very relationship one has with it and the memories related to it, even in the case of an ordinary pearls necklace

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