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Hugging Pearls Ring

Hugging Pearls Ring

SKU: 0011

Two discs of black and white mother of pearl are cut to be fitting to each other as hugging. The pearls are worn on the edge of the body in an unusual position, they must be carefully observed and approached in order to be discovered just as objects in a Wunderkammer. 


    18ct gold, black and white mother of pearl


    The square shank has a section of 1.5mm length and the pearls are 10mm tall. 

  • NOTE

    The Hugging Pearls Ring is hand made in London and made to order to avoid excess production, for this reason it can take up to 4 weeks to be crafted.

    Please specify your ring size in the purchase note. 

    If you have any particular requests or would like this item to be customise please email

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