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Green Agates necklaces and bracelet Jacket

Green Agates necklaces and bracelet Jacket


Vintage workwear jacket featuring two necklaces with green agates briolettes on gold chains. 

Chain bracelets with green agate clasp. One of the button is also hand made in brass with green thread and the others vintage brown buttons are threaded with gold thread. 


    All of the garments are hand embroidered. Each piece is unique and designed specifically around the shape of the piece of clothing. The jewellery embroidered is often captured in a particular momentum, such as a clasp coming undone or pearls slipping out of a necklace and functioning as a photograph that has been created with the slow process of hand embroidering. 

    As each embroidered garment is unique and specifically made you can also request to embellish and create a unique design on one of your own jackets or any other type of clothing. Carola loves to bring to life unique stories through jewellery and embroidery so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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