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Aqua lens on baguette ring

Aqua lens on baguette ring


 Rectangular aquamarine slice reveal and distort the images of a baguette cut gem with small stones all around, the image is created by the empty space of the silver back. The blue slice modified the image underneath as our memory modifies the narrative of past events. 


    Aquamarine slice, 18ct gold, silver


    The Aquamarine measure 17x12mm. The tapered band is 3mm at its wider point.


    My aim for the Colours Lenses collection was to produce a a body of work that investigates how the perception of events and objects becomes distorted in the construction of memory and  the possibility that the image itself may undergo a modification subsequent to its initial conception.  

    The collection is marked by the prominent use of transparent stones, as they symbolise the filters that memories place on our perception of events. Just as memories can sometimes distort and reinterpret experiences, these transparent stones  are used as lens for memory which natural inclusion and colour nuances transform the image underneath. Some of the stones are revealing the cut out shape, in the metal, of stones no longer wearable or present. Other, through engraving or cut out, rebuild a specific piece of jewellery through a fragment of it in order to capture the moment of their breaking or becoming unwearable and at the same time make it wearable again in order to creates new narratives.

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