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(in)visible, fragment of memories _ Milano fuorisalone 2023

Things are connected by invisible bonds.

This exhibition, invisible, explores the space between the visible and the invisible which makes up our experience. It is an emotional, personal, and constantly moving space. It is the space of lived memories and of the unraveling of new possibilities.

To talk about these invisible bonds, three art forms have come together to take you on a journey through fragments of memories. The synergy between the creation of jewellery, the chemistry of perfumes, and creative writing allows for an exploration of this space-time and the unfolding of a new shared narrative.


Carola Solcia I’m an Italian jewellery designer and maker based in London. My practice explores the values between jewellery, the body and life, through the creation of wearable and graphic jewellery pieces. My interest lies in challenging and questioning traditional associations of materials, shapes and jewellery.

Alessandra Avanzi was born in Milan. After studying philosophy at the State University of Milan, where she graduated with a thesis on the aesthetics of smell, she pursued her passion for perfume by attending a perfumery school at Ecole Supérieure du Parfum in Paris.

Today she is an independent nose and founder of the perfume brand Biografia Olfattiva.

Francesco Chiellino Born in Rome on 21 October 1998, I studied Development Economics at the University of Florence. Since I was a teenager, I have used writing, mine and that of others, as a fundamental means of absorbing, interpreting and moving in reality.


In the same space, the product designer Riccardo Cagetti would also be exhibiting his new bookshelves: PlastiPak e Spot.

The PlastiPak bookshelf is made of recycled tetrapak, and is 3D printed. The bookcase is modular and completely recyclable. The Spot Bookcase is also environmentally friendly: its materials are aluminium and Valchromat, an MDF panel made from recycled materials.


Looking forward to see you in Milan!

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